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Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos Monday Night Football Defensive Preview


The Denver Broncos have historically been a really good rushing team.  It seems that they can plug any back in there and he will get 1,000 yards.  They feature a zone blocking scheme that has been very successful for them.  The biggest factor for the Titans rushing defense tonight will be whether or not Albert Haynesworth can play.  He could really wreak havoc against the zone blocking scheme.

It doesn't appear that our old friend Travis Henry will be helathy enough to play tonight.  Selvin Young has filled in very well with Henry out rushing 62 times for 331 yards (5.3 ypc) and 1 TD.  If Haynesworth is out the Broncos will pound the middle of the Titans defense.

The Broncos passing game is up and down.  Broncos' fans are going through the same highs and lows with Jay Cutler that we are with Vince Young.  The Titans will probably do a little more blitzing than normal tonight to try and rattle Cutler.  They will also need to force him to get the ball out quickly because it looks like Reynaldo Hill will be starting at corner.

The Broncos will once again be playing without their biggest big play threat Javon Walker.  Brandon Marshall has come into his own with 51 catches for 694 yards and 2 TDs.  The biggest key for the Titans against the pass will be the pressure they get on Cutler.  If he is allowed time to sit back there and throw, he will hit some big plays.  If the Titans can get the pressure they got in the first 8 games Cutler will feel like he is once again wearing the black and gold.