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Sunday Open Thread

I love it when the Titans play on Monday Night Football, except that it means there is not Titans game on Sunday.  There are a lot of games of interest to Titans fans today.

The CBS game we get in Nashville is the 5-4 San Diego Chargers at the 6-3 Jacksonville Jaguars.  I will be rooting hard for the Chargers in that game because I still believe they will win the west.  A Jaguars loss would put a game between the Titans and the Jags.

Another noon game of interest is the 4-5 Kansas City Chiefs at the 7-2 Indianapolis Colts.  I always root against the Colts so no big surprise here.  Former Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle gets the start for the Chiefs. (aside: for those of you who think Vince Young is bad, you should watch current Alabama QB John Parker Wilson.  He makes Vince look like Dan Marino.)

Another interesting game will be the 5-4 Cleveland Browns at the 4-5 Baltimore Ravens.  The Browns have been the surprise team of the season.  I think they have a better shot at making the playoffs than the old and decriped Ravens, so hopefully the Ravens will pull off the upset today.

The Sunday night "flex" game is the 9-0 New England Patriots at the 5-4 Buffalo Bills.  The Bills are only a game back in the wild card race so I should cheer for the Patriots, but I hate them.  Go Bills.