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Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos Monday Night Football Offensive Preview


On paper this is the type of match-up that Jeff Fisher dreams about.  The Denver Broncos have an undersized defensive line that has struggled against power running games so far this season.  The Broncos are giving up 151 yards per game on the ground.  They did seem to figure out some of their problems last week against the Kansas City Chiefs when they only allowed 67 yards rushing.  In that game against the Chiefs they used a lot of 8 and 9 man fronts because they didn't respect the Chiefs passing game at all.  I would expect them to do much of the same against the Titans.

We will probably see a heavy dose of LenDale White early in this game.  Facing 8 and 9 man fronts has never stopped Fisher from trying to establish the run.  If they find success on the ground, this will probably be another game where we see Vince Young only attempting 14-18 passes in a win.  Chris Brown will see some carries in this game, but The Round Mound will get the bulk of the load since the match-up seems to favor his style of running.

Passing against the Broncos defense does not come easy.  They rank 8th in the NFL against the pass only giving up 197.3 yards per game.  This is obviously in large part due to the fact that they have 2 outstanding corners in Champ Bailey and Dre Bly.  The best way for the Titans to move the ball through the air will be to get Vince outside of the pocket.  If he can get outside and make the corners at least think about him taking off, it will free up some receivers down the field.

The player to watch for the Titans on offense is Bo Scaife.  If the Broncos bring a safety (or 2) in the box, it will open up the middle of the field.  Scaife could have a night where he has 5 or 6 catches for 40-45 yards.