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Pacman Jones Reaches Plea Agreement in Las Vegas

I will once against lift my self-imposed ban on #32 talk for one post. As ryansax mentioned here Pacman has reached a plea agreement in the triple shooting that happened in Las Vegas. He has pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct. He will serve a 1 year suspended sentence which means he will be on probation for a year. He also has to complete 200 hours of community service, comply to drug tests and take anger management classes.

I was really harsh on #32 when this whole thing came out. It appears now that the authorities have pretty much cleared him of what happened in Vegas. I thought I should post this in the spirit of fair posting.

This doesn't really matter to the Titans or the NFL at all at this point. It might help him in his appeal of the suspension but probably not. If he can stay clean between now and next season it will be interesting to see what happens before the 2008 season.