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Jaguars @ Titans Offensive Recap

12 Gage Baby!!
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It is pretty obvious why the Titans lost this game. I don't think I am going to be able to come up with any analysis that isn't a no brainer. We have talked in recent weeks about "Jeff Fisher Football." JFF consists of 3 things:

1. Run the ball successfully
2. Stop the run
3. Control the clock

The Titans were 0-3 yesterday. LenDale White had 8 carries for 12 yards. Chris Henry had 3 carries for -2 yards. Not many teams in the NFL are going to win games with their running backs getting 10 yards on 11 carries. The Titans are especially not going to win playing like that. There was just no running room to be found yesterday. The Jaguars obviously made the adjustments from week 1, and the Titans were not able to adjust to those adjustments.

It is hard to know what word to use to describe Vince Young's play yesterday. He did some things very well. He runs the no huddle offense from the shotgun great. He can find the open guys and pull it down and run when he needs too. He ended the game yesterday 24-41 for 257 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs. That isn't a terrible stat line. Obviously you don't want the interceptions, but 254 yards is a solid day. His decision making has got to improve though. There are times where he simply needs to throw the ball away. He took a sack yesterday in the 3rd quarter as he was running to the sideline when he should have just tossed the ball out of bounds. His pocket awareness needs some improvement as well. There were a couple of times where guys were coming at him right in his face, and he never saw them. One time almost led to an easy TD for the Jags, but Vince was able to recover his own fumble.

These are the types of growing pains we are going to see from him. We saw the same thing with Steve McNair. It happened with pretty much every QB who is in the league. The people who are calling for Kerry Collins cannot see the big picture. The only way Vince will ever get better is to play through this stuff. Sitting him for Collins will do nothing but hurt the franchise in the long run.

The receivers are not helping Vince at all. Yesterday's game was the 1st one I have gotten to be at this season. I was sitting in the top level right on the 50 yard line. Up there you can really see everything that is going on down on the field. The receivers are just never open down the field. They cannot get any separation. I was talking to DonFrancisco last night, and he said the difference between a quarterback with good receivers and one with bad receivers is that when the QB with good receivers throws a pass off the mark it is just an incomplete pass. When the QB with bad receivers throws a pass off the mark it is a pick. I hadn't thought about that, but it is a good point. Vince really doesn't have any room for error with these guys.

The one bright spot from the receivers yesterday was Justin Gage. He made a great concentration play on the TD pass pictured above. (I was a little dissapointed that he didn't throw the football up and act like he was shooting it with a shotgun.) He had 7 cathces for 90 yards. Gage is not a guy with a lot of speed, but he is big and athletic. He could turn into a really solid possession receiver. The Titans just need to find a guy with some speed to go opposite of him.

I think deep in our hearts we all knew this day was coming. The Titans had not played as good as their record suggested. Hopefully they can learn from this game going forward.