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Jaguars 28 Titans 13

It has taken me until now to have the desire to get on here and write anything.  That was a terrible game that reminded me a lot of the start of last season.  That sound you heard in the background was Albert Haynesworth's asking price going up.  It is pretty obvious that our run defense starts with him.  He was out and we got torched.

The good thing is the Titans are still right in the thick of the playoff race.  The Colts are getting blasted 23-0 by the Chargers as I write this.  That makes today's loss hurt even more because if they do lose, the Titans would have been tied for 1st in the division.

Anyways, I need to wait until tomorrow before writing more. Would you like to hear the best news of the day?  Joy Kat is no longer allowed to comment on the site.  He/She was obviously just here to troll.  In the words of Hawk Harrelson....SHE GONE!!  Have a good night.