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Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans Offensive Preview


If there ever was a week for Vince Young to break out of his slump this is it.  The Jaguars have been really bad against the pass so far this season giving up 246.1 yards per game (26th).  I expect Vince to be ready to go in this game.  He usually plays his best in big games, and this is the Titans' biggest game of the year.  Hopefully the Titans will call some plays early in the game to get Vince outside of the pocket giving him the run/pass option.  That is where he is the most dangerous.  If he can break a good run early in the game it will settle him down quite a bit.

The Jaguars haven't been as good against the run as they have in the past.  They are ranked 16th giving up 107.8 yards per game.  We all know what happened in week 1.  The Jaguars will have made the necessary adjustments to keep that from happening again.  It will be up to Norm Chow and staff to figure out what will work this time.  It is unclear how much Chris Brown will be able to give them tomorrow.  We will see a heavy dose of LenDale White with some Chris Henry sprinkled to change it up.

The receivers are going to have to make some plays in this game for the Titans to have success.  We have only really seen 1 play this year where a Titans receiver caught a short pass and turned it into a big gain, and that was when Brandon Jones did it in week 3.  It is about time for that to happen again.  The Titans' receiving core is completely healthy for the first time in over a month.  I look for eith Jones or Roydell Williams to have a big game tomorrow.

The most important thing for the offense is to take care of the ball.  The Jags have struggled on offense since David Garrard went down with a high ankle sprain.  It appears unlikely that he will play tomorrow.  The only way they are going to put up a bunch of points is if the Titans give them a short field a few times.