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Carolina Panthers @ Tennessee Titans Offensive Preview


In the no brainer statement of the year, the Titans are going to try and establish the run on Sunday.  The Panthers rushing defense is middle of the pack at 19th giving up 113 yards per game.  To the Titans it doesn't really matter where a defense ranks against the run.  They are going to try each and every week to try and get the run game going.  The Titans will find success on the ground most weeks because their offensive line can dominate pretty much every defensive front they go up against.

Sunday would be a great day for Vince Young to have his best game of the season.  The Panthers are pretty weak against the pass giving up 227.3 yards per game.  The Panthers are going to come out with 8 guys in the box and dare Vince to throw.  If you have been a fan of this organization for a while, you will remember the old "Dare McNair" defenses, where a team stacked as many people in the box as they can to, wait for it, wait for it, dare McNair to beat them.  I can't think of a clever name for that defense with Vince Young's name, but the premise is the same.  The Titans are going to face run stacked defenses until Vince proves he can beat them.  Why not start that this week?

The Panthers only have 4 sacks on the season so Young should have time to find the open guy, assuming any of the Titans' receivers can get open.  Vince's accuracy problems come from poor footwork.  If he will stand tall in the pocket and keep his feet under him, he should be able to hit some plays down the field.