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Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans Preview

When the Tennessee Titans have the ball

The Titans are going to rely heavily on the run against the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow.  On paper the Titans' rushing attack (ranked 2nd) against the Falcons' rushing defense (ranked 23rd) appears to be the Titans biggest advantage.  The Titans will probably feature a rushing attack similar to the one they used in Jacksonville.  A lot of running out of the shotgun and a lot of misdirection.  Chris Brown and LenDale White should both have pretty solid numbers in this game.

Passing comes a little tougher against the Falcons' defense (ranked 12th).  I wouldn't be surprised if the Titans come out throwing in this game like they did against the Saints.  If Vince Young can prove he can make some throws against this defense, it will open up the run even more.  Vince will look to get a lot of people involved in the passing game.

When the Falcons have the ball

Getting to Joey Harrington is the key on defense.  While Harrington has been sacked 16 times this season, 13 of those were in their first 2 games.  If the front 4 can continue to get the pressure they have in the first 3 games Harrington will struggle.  If they let Harrington sit in the pocket and make throws he will have a good game.  The front 4 has been dominant to this point.  I don't expect tomorrow to be any differet.

The Falcons have 2 solid running backs in Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood.  If the front 7 can keep those guys in check the secondary will be able to play only pass.  The Titans defense has been really good against the run so far this season.  That won't be any different on Sunday.  I don't think either Dunn or Norwood will end up with very good numbers tomorrow.

This is a game that looks good on paper for the Titans.  If they come out and play the way they have so far this season, it should be an easy win.  They cannot, however, afford to look past the Falcons.  I think that is what the Texans did last week and it got them a loss.