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5 Questions with The Falcoholic

The latest installment of 5 questions is with Dave from The Falcoholic.  Be sure and go over there to check out his questions with my answers.  That's right BBB, I answer questions for them as well.

1.  How firm of a grip does Joey Harrington have on the starting quarterback job?  Is it one bad game and they turn it over to Byron Leftwich?

Dave: It shouldn't be. Harrington has always been an inconsistent quarterback, but one more good game like he's had the last two weeks should give him quite a bit of leeway. I don't think Bobby Petrino is an idiot by any means, so he's not going to sit Harrington because of one bad performance. If he throws eight interceptions and punches a fan in the face, I may change my mind about that. I really think Leftwich should only get to play if Harrington really struggles and the Falcons are clearly out of contention. I suspect the latter will happen before the former at this point.

2.  How good is Jerious Norwood?  Will he ever be the Falcons every down back?

Dave: Let me give a two-pronged answer to that question. He's very talented and could be very good, but I don't think he'll be the Falcons every down back unless he bulks up. Right now he projects as the kind of weapon that the Saints see Reggie Bush at; a very fast, very smart runner who doesn't have the physicality to play every down. He would work very well if in a tandem with an effective bruising back, but right now we just have Warrick Dunn, who is getting older and less effective before my eyes. I think Norwood could still have a good season in him this year, but our offensive line will have to block better and he has to get enough carries to find some holes.

3.  The Falcons have seemed to have similar struggles to the Titans at receiver.  How are they guys they currently have coming along?  Are any of them ready to step up and be a #1 receiver in the NFL?

Roddy White seems like the most likely choice here. He's suddenly discovered the magic of actually catching a football this year and is turning in a very solid season so far. Mike Jenkins does well in the red zone because of his size and is also showing signs of coming on after a slow start to the season. Rookie Laurent Robinson also looks like he's got some talent. I think this is an emerging group of receivers that is performing way above expectations; we'll need a full season to see if White really emerges as a #1 receiver for us, though.

Plus Joe Horn kinda stinks.

4.  How is Bobby Petrino adjusting to the NFL?  Do you think he regrets taking the job?  Is the thing with him and DeAngelo Hall over or will it be an ongoing thing?

Dave: I don't think he regrets it, as I think he likes a challenge. This is about as challenging a situation as you could possibly come in to, as well. I think he's making his adjustments as a head coach and growing with the team; everything about the Falcons has looked better over the last two weeks compared to the first two. We'll have to see what they can do against the Titans, though.

The DeAngelo Hall fiasco isn't going away. He chose to make the punishment public and now he's complaining that he wants to be traded. Even if Petrino patches things up from his end, I doubt Hall's even going to want to try. I wish him luck with whatever team he ends up with after the season.

5.  Where do you think the biggest mismatch is for the Falcons against the Titans?

Tough question. Our pass rush hasn't been terrific this year, so we might have some trouble with Vince Young's athleticism. He really seems to be able to make plays with his legs and open up more plays for his arm, and that's something the Falcons really haven't seen yet this season. We'll see how that plays out. For the Titans, I think (think) your cornerbacks aren't fantastic, and our passing game has been sublime the last couple of weeks. I hope the Falcons exploit that mismatch.

May the best team (Falcons) win, and good luck to the Titans!

A big thanks to Dave for doing this.  Also, our cornerbacks are fantastic.  Dave will learn that soon enough.