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Travis Henry Tests Positive for Marijuana

As mentioned in this diary by kpocyclo, Travis Henry of the Denver Broncos tested positive for marijuana.  He faces a year suspension as this is his 3rd positive test.  He was suspended 4 games during his first sesaon with the Tennessee Titans.

According to this article on, Henry is fighting the NFL in federal court to have the positive test blocked. He is claiming that his representative was not allowed to be present in the testing of the "B" sample.  You can read the article to get the whole story on that.  I think that will be denied.

Again as kpocyclo said, I am once again glad that the Titans did not resign him.  We learned there were some off the field issues surrounding Henry when the story was broken about his 9 kids, and that he had to borrow money from the Titans for child support payments.  This is just one more thing.  Mike Reinfeldt is looking smarter with every passing day.