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Tennessee Titans News: Links Edition

Vince Young was asked about Michael Vick this week.

"I hope he does get a chance to come back (to the NFL) but, if not, he can always call me just like I always can call him. I know what kind of guy he is and he's a good person.''
Personally I just wish Vince would steer clear of those questions.

Vince Young had the same complaint about his 60 Minutes interview that I did:

"Overall, they did a good job," Young said. "It's big thing because me and my grandma used to watch 60 Minutes when I was growing up. They did all right. But I felt like they tried to make me feel like I'm cocky, or whatever. But that's TV media - always got something to say to try to make me look bad. But overall, I'll fight through all that. I like to have fun. I really feel like my teammates do a whole lot for keeping me humble."
All day on CBS they were running a promo that made him look arrogant.  In the interview he was just talking about the confidence he has in his team.  He was talking about how good he thinks he is.

The Titans are going to wear navy blue jerseys and powder blue pants on Sunday.  It is a combination they have never worn before.

Craig Hentrich has done some punting but it doesn't appear he will be ready this Sunday.