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NFL Power Rankings Time

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It is time to take a look at where the so-called experts think the Titans rank against the other teams of the NFL.

9. Titans

The Titans are winning the close, low-scoring games. That's good for building character but bad for an offense that can't seem to produce many points. "As an offense, we have to get it together," Vince Young told The Tennessean.

9. Titans

The Titans won the first leg of their mid-season three-game homestand, grinding one out over the Oakland Raiders. The 13-9 victory was by no means pretty. Vince Young's stat line was horrific, as the 2006 Offensive Rookie of the Year went a paltry 6-14 for 42 yards. He didn't get much help from his targets. Wide receivers and tight end Ben Troupe dropped passes all afternoon, and penalties rattled the Tennessee offensive attack. When push came to shove, the Titans rushing attack and defense did the job, yet again. For all their problems with the passing game, the Titans are 5-2 and in the thick of the AFC playoff chase.

5. Titans

Vince Young threw for just 42 yards against the Raiders at home, a frightening stat. However, the Titans rushed for 192 yards and played solid defense, and got the win to improve to (5-2). With the win Tennessee remained tied with Jacksonville for second place in the AFC South, but with a game in hand.

8. Titans

Vince Young was anything but spectacular in his return, but at home, Tennessee managed to pull out the victory over Oakland.


9. Titans

They're 5-2, and it's all because of the defense. They have to throw it better. At least attempt to throw it to a receiver or two.

9. Titans

Vince Young comes back, but is not quite the conquering hero. Had only 42 passing yards in beating the Raiders in a clunker. It's LenDale White who steals the show with 133 rushing yards.

7. Titans

With the NFL's No. 1 run defense and a strong ground attack, the Titans are a rising a force.


8. Titans

Does anyone read Hashmarks?  Is it an NFL blog or a Cowboys blog?

The Big Lead:

5. Titans

Fourth-worst passing offense in the NFL is balanced out by 7th-best scoring defense.
The Chargers jumped the Titans in the rankings.  I am fine with that for now.  This week's average is 7.66.