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Power Rankings Time

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It is time to take a look at where the so-called experts think the Titans rank against the other teams of the NFL.

7. Titans

Vince Young is STILL upset about losing the Heisman Trophy to Reggie Bush. But maybe that's the best thing ever to happen to the Titans' QB, since it gives him plenty of competitive fuel. Unfortunately for Young, he can't play the Saints every week.

7. Titans

Some would say that the 2006 Rose Bowl was Vince Young's "coming out party". Others would point to last year's heroic 24-point fourth quarter comeback against the Giants. In truth, Sunday night's segment on "60 Minutes" was likely his biggest 15 minutes of celebrity thus far. Now all of America knows the kid. With likely more eyes watching than ever before, he'll try to lead the Titans to a 3-1 record with a win over the Falcons this weekend.

6. Titans

The Titans had a bye in week 4, and were in no danger of losing their sixth spot in the power rankings thanks to losses by the Ravens, Steelers, and Chargers.

9. Titans

Bye week. No change. They have the pleasure of hosting Joey Harrington and his merry band of Falcons in week 5.


8. Titans

After a week off, the Titans will try and build off the good feeling from their victory over the Saints last Monday. The defense will get a tough test from a Falcons offense playing pretty well.

13. Titans

After further review, we had the Titans too low last week.


6. Titans

No commentary.

Dr. Z

5. Titans

Steelers loss moved the Titans up a notch. Play your cards right, nurse those bye weeks and anything can happen.
I guess ESPN thinks the Titans had a better bye week than the Jaguars.

The Titans have a healthy 7.63 average this week.  If they can win the next 3, which are winnable games, they will be in almost every top 5.