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Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans Offensive Recap: The Round Mound Runs Wild

LenDale White is starting to show that he was worthy of the 2nd round pick the Titans used on him in last year's draft.  He had another solid performance yesterday rushing 25 times for 133 yards (5.3 yards per carry).  My biggest concern about White, besides his weight, had been his low yards per carry.  He has really improved that with a 3.9 against the Texans and a 5.3 yesterday.  He is starting to prove that he can be the workhorse the Titans hoped for when they drafted him.

Speaking of guys who are proving they are worth 2nd round draft picks, Chris Henry needs to get more carries.  I don't understand why they didn't let him run the ball more in the 4th quarter yesterday when it was obvious that LenDale was tired.  Henry showed a burst that we have never seen from a Titans running back.  I am excited to see what the combination of White and Henry can do.  Chris Brown might find himself in a similar spot to last season.

That is all for the positives from yesterday's offense.  The passing game was terrible again.  We have already discussed at length Vince Young's performance yesterday.  Yes, Vince Young is struggling, but if Ben Troupe catches that pass in the end zone and either Quinton Ganther or Roydell Williams catch a pass in the end zone, Vince's numbers would look a lot better.  Throw in the crap offensive pass interference call on Justin Gage (Did anyone see Randy Moss shove the guy in the end zone for his touchdown and get a no call?), and he would have a line of something like 8 of 15 for 85 yards and 2 TDs.  Those still aren't great numbers, but they wouldn't have him getting killed for his performance.

Let me make this clear, Vince Young needs to play better.  I am not trying to make excuses for him.  When the Titans go against teams like the Colts and Patriots they are going to have to score more points.  That being said, people who think they should be starting Kerry Collins are just stupid.  Collins is the better pocket passer right now, but Vince Young is the future of this franchise.  He has to be allowed to make mistakes without always looking over his shoulder to see if Collins is coming off the sideline.  They are going to live and die with Vince, and that is absolutely the right decision.  Don't forget this team is 5-2.

It was good to see the Titans get back to the smash mouth football team that they want to be.  If they can continue to run the ball like that they will be able to make some noise in the playoffs.