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Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans Defensive Preview


The Raiders have probably the best rushing attacks the Titans' have faced this season that averages 145.8 yards per game.  They feature 2 very good running backs in Lamont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes.  There is no question that they will try and establish the run on Sunday.  The key for the Titans will be containing these 2 guys with the front 7.  If the Titans don't have to bring extra people into the box to help with the run it will be a long day for the Raiders' offense.

The Raiders' passing offense has really struggles this season, especially with Daunte Culpepper at QB, who will more than likely be starting on Sunday.  The Chiefs gave Culpepper fits by dropping 8 into coverage on obvious passing down.  Culpepper is probably not 100% healthy and doesn't have nearly the mobility he had when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.  Jim Schwartz and company will probably show Culpepper a lot of different looks to keep him uncomfortable.  The Titans will probably blitz him in some spots and drop as many as 8 into coverage at other times.

The Raiders do have a couple of receivers in Ronald Curry and Jerry Porter that can make some plays down the field.  The Raiders will probably try and take some shots down the field after watching tape of the Houston game.  I think the Titans will have corrected whatever the problem was with last week's 4th quarter.