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Tennessee Titans News: Michael Griffin at Safety and Corey Simon to Retire

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Jim Wyatt has an article this morning about Michael Griffin finally getting some work at safety.  It hasn't been said that he is going to start, but there are some strong hints in the article that he will.  The biggest sign might be the fact that Calvin Lowry refused to comment on the situation.  Chris Hope also made is sound like he thinks Griffin will be lining up next to him:

"I still learn something every Sunday, so I can just imagine being a rookie again and getting thrown into the fire," strong safety Chris Hope said. "But Griff is a good athlete, he learns fast, he learns on the run and I am just looking forward to seeing some of that talent come to life.''
I hope we get a chance to see what he can do.  The Titans haven't had 2 playmaking safeties since the days of Blaine Bishop and Marcus Robertson.  Hope and Griffin could be even better than those guys were.

Corey Simon has decided to retire according to Jim Wyatt.  Paul Kuharsky said on the radio this morning that it is likely the Titans told him to retire or he would be cut.  I am not really surprised by this.  The Titans just brought him in to see if he could re-create the magic he once had.  They have enough depth that they didn't really need to count on him for anything.  He is done.

The above linked article mentions that the Titans are interested in Grady Jackson who was cut by the Falcons on Tuesday.  The Falcons claim to have cut him based on his performance, but according to this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the players in Atlanta aren't so sure about that.  I have no idea if the Titans will get him or not, but they do need help on the defensive line to fill the void left by Simon.