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The Nashville Media Also Thinks It Is Michael Griffin Time

I started a trend. (OK not really, I think Rustmeister started it)  I said in this post that it is time to move Michael Griffin back to his natural position, safety, and get him on the field.  Terry McCormick said this in his article in this morning's City Paper:

How much longer can the Titans keep rookie first-round pick Michael Griffin out of the lineup? Griffin is doing what he can to make a case for more playing time, as he had six special teams tackles on Sunday against the Texans, five tackles on kickoffs and one on punts. Griffin was a safety at the University of Texas, but has been moved to cornerback by the Titans.

"To be credited for six special-teams tackles in a game is exceptional, five on kickoffs and one on a punt. That is quite an effort," Fisher said.

Jim Wyatt has a similar sentiment in his latest blog entry:
Rookie Michael Griffin is doing everything he can on special teams.  Now it's time to move him into the Titans starting defense to let him do more.
He goes on to ask the question I have been wondering since Cortland Finnegan proved he is worthy of a starting spot:
The biggest question now is "Why not?'  Griffin is too good a player to be wasting his time on the bench, and there's no need to keep him on standby as insurance for Cortland Finnegan, who has consistently done his job all season.
If you have ever listened to a Jeff Fisher press conference you know that he always talks about "making plays."  See if you can follow this logic: Playmakers make plays.  Seems pretty simple, right?  Griffin is potentially in the top 5 of playmakers on this Titans team.  Why wouldn't you get him on the field as often as possible?

Last year when this blog started, both people read it know that I was pushing for the Titans to get Vince on the field.  It is now time to make a similar push for Griffin.  

The new MCM slogan: