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Tennessee Titans 38 Houston Texans 36

I don't really have any words to sum that game up right now.  The Titans were on the brink of owning one of the worst collapses in NFL history.  I have no idea what the record is for points given up in the 4th quarter, but I imagine if 29 isn't a record, it is pretty darn close.  I don't understand why the Titans' defense can stop everything except for the long pass.

Kerry Collins did what you want a back-up QB to do.  He came in and led the team to a win.  He only turned the ball over 1 time.  There still isn't any scenario where I want him in when Vince Young is 100% healthy.  DonFrancisco and I were talking the other day about how the Collins vs. Vince Young debate reminds us a lot of the Steve McNair vs. Neil O'Donnell debate.  Most people eventually realize that McNair was the obvious choice and shut up.  That will happen in this instance as well, no matter how many comments Joy Kat leaves in this thread or how many emails are sent to me telling me how stupid I am.

The Titans have played 3 bad weeks in a row coming off the bye.  The good news is they are 2-1 since the bye.  I think we will all take that.  We will take a more indepth look at the game tomorrow when my head stops spinning.