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Vince Young Injury Update: Jeff Fisher Gives Hope

Vince Young sat out Tennessee Titans practice for the 2nd straight day, but there is reason for optimism.  Vince threw on the side today with some trainers and later with some of the receivers.  Titans' coach Jeff Fisher sounded more optimistic today that Vince might play on Sunday than he did yesterday:

"He didn't run around and didn't test the leg out, but he threw the ball. He's improving,'' Coach Jeff Fisher said. "The treatment procedures and everything are helping out. We'll see how he is tomorrow. There's a chance he could practice tomorrow. We just have to wait and see.''
This is the first time Fisher has said that there is a chance Vince could practice.  Fisher said on his radio show Tuesday that he wouldn't rule out Vince playing even if he doesn't practice at all this week.  If he does practice tomorrow, he will be on the field Sunday unless he reinjures the quad.  Fisher still says we won't know anything until Sunday:
"That's hard to predict. As I said, it's day-to-day and we will make a decision later on in the week. It could be as late as game time, whether or not he'll play.''
The Titans' defense is ranked #1 against the run.