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Tennessee Titans News: Chris Brown and Vince Young Injury Edition

Chris Brown, Vince Young, Brandon Jones, Albert Haynesworth (knee), and Antwan Odom (thigh) all missed practice yesterday.  Fisher didn't mention anything about Haynesworth or Odom in his press conference yesterday.  I would imagine both of them will be good to go on Sunday.

The Houston Texans are battling some injuries of their own.  Andre Johnson and Ahman Green both missed practice yesterday.  I am not sure about Green, but everything I have been hearing on Johnson is that he is not expected to go.  Linebacker DeMeco Ryans, cornerback Dunta Robinson, and kicker Kris Brown were limited.

Vince Young claims this year's game in Houston is no different than any other game:

"It is getting on my nerves, man, because y'all be pumping it up for some reason and it is not that crucial," Young said. "It is a regular game. ... It is not all about Vince Young going against the Texans and I am tired of hearing that.''
Vince was a little testy yesterday when asked about this weekends's game and the injury.  He is obviously frustrated by the whole thing, but he needs to learn to not wear that on his sleeve so much.

A lot of this post was about Vince Young, so lest I get accused of only talking about him, the Titans have a really good defense.  It is exciting to know that even when the offense sputters, which it has the last 2 weeks, the Titans are going to have a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter.