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NFL Power Rankings Time

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It is time to take a look at where the so-called experts think the Titans rank against the other teams of the NFL.

12. Titans

Even if Vince Young misses time with a right leg injury, the Titans might be able to survive. Backup Kerry Collins directed a nice 86-yard drive to tie the score, only to see the Bucs win on a late field goal.

8. Titans

Vince Young was injured midway through the third quarter after getting pushed out of bounds by Tampa defensive tackle Jovan Haye. He never returned. And though Kerry Collins led Tennessee to a fourth-quarter touchdown score, it wasn't enough to get past the gritty Bucs in Tampa. Collins looked good during a 13-play, 86-yard touchdown drive, but Jeff Garcia answered, getting Tampa in scoring position for a game-winning Matt Bryant field goal. Tennessee had more first downs and total yards than the Bucs, and held Tampa to just 30 yards of rushing. Despite the edge on the stat sheet, the Titans came out on the losing end of the scoreboard. They'll look to bounce back next week when they take on Houston.

5. Titans

The Titans held the Buccaneers to just 30 yards rushing in Tampa Bay but were unable to get the win... Vince Young left the game with an injury in the 3rd quarter. Everyone knows about Vince's 4th quarter success rate. Perhaps Tennessee could have pulled out the victory if not for Young's injury...

12. Titans

Tennessee's offense sputtered in the loss at Tampa. The Titans should be able to get back on track as they have Houston and Oakland during the rest of the month.


11. Titans

Even before Vince Young got hurt, the Titans were having problems moving the football. They need more out of their passing game.

14. Titans

Vince Young hurts his quad, and Kerry Collins can't do the job in relief against Bucs.

8. Titans

Defense carries the Titans, but Vince Young's health ultimately determines how far they go.


12. Titans

Does anyone read Hashmarks?  Is it an NFL blog or a Cowboys blog?
That is an average of 9.55.  A win on Sunday should put the Titans securely back in the top 10.