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Vince Young vs. Kerry Collins

There is a faction of people out there who think Kerry Collins gives the Tennessee Titans a better chance to win than Vince Young.  It blows my mind that those people are out there, but they are.  So this morning I decided to go back and look at Collins's career stats and see if there was ever any truth to this this theory.  My conclusion: those people don't watch football.

Kerry Collins has been in the league since 1995.  In 159 career games he has 174 touchdowns to 172 interceptions.  In case you aren't familiar with ratios, that one is almost 1:1 which isn't good. His career completion percentage is 55.5.  That's not very good either.

Now I know some one out there is going to come back with Vince's TDs to INTs rate which is 15:19, and his completion percentage of 54.6.  3 things about that:

1.  Vince has started 18 NFL games
2.  Vince brings a lot more to the table from the QB position than Collins does or ever did
3.  Vince is completing 64% of his passes this season

Now let's look at what Collins has done in his time in Tennessee.  Last year he started the first 4 games.  He completed 46.7% of his passes and threw 1 TD to 6 INTs.  "But Jimmy, he was only with the team for about 3 weeks before he made his first start."  That is true, but did you see what Vinny Testaverde did for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.  He was signed in the middle of last week, and with less than a week with his team he completed 60.6% of his passes.  He threw 1 TD and 0 INTs.  If Collins was the great passer that some people are claiming that he is, he would have been able to put up better numbers last season.

The bottom line is that Kerry Collins is only good as a back-up that doesn't play.  He is not going to win games for the Titans.  Vince's numbers are pretty close to those of Collins, and that is not even taking in the intangibles that Vince brings to the table that Collins does not.  If you think Kerry Collins is the better option you are fooling yourself.