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Vince Young Injury Update

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This morning I was 100% sure that there is no way Vince Young would miss next week's game in Houston.  After reading this article in the Tennessean, I am really nervous:

Young said it's too early to know if he'll play next week when the Titans return to his hometown to take on the Texans.
I don't know about you, but I expected Vince to say there is no way he will miss next week's game.  The reason I thought this was 2 fold:

1. The game is in Houston.
2. He was jogging around the sideline after the injury yesterday.

Maybe he was just saying that because it was really bothering him after the game, and he isn't sure how much it will heel in a week's time.  I am hoping and praying that is the case.

Kerry Collins didn't play terrible in relief of Vince yesterday, but if you think the Titans are going to win many games with Collins at the helm you are just lying to yourself.  Teams are just going to load up guys in the box to stop the run and blitz Collins.  He can be a decent QB if he gets time, but he if team's blitz him it won't be pretty.

This is probably something that is going to go right up to game time on Sunday.  It is going to be a long and stressful week around these parts.