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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 Tennessee Titans 10

You can't expect to win when you play like that. The Titans just had too many turnovers and penalties. The prevent defense is my least favorite thing in the entire world.  I just don't think it ever works.  Keep playing your defense, especially with an offense that is struggling horribly.  If you are playing the normal defense maybe they can make a play.

We need everyone to think positive thoughts about Vince Young's quad this week.  The Titans will not win at Houston with Kerry Collins at the helm.  Collins didn't play horribly after Vince Young's injury today, but he needs to be surrounded by a cast of really good receivers to be successful.  The Titans just don't have those guys.

I don't think LenDale White is the answer for this team.  The combination of him and Chris Brown works pretty well, but with Brown injured today White averaged 2.6 yards per carry.  That is not going to cut it in this offense.  We may get to see some Chris Henry next week if Brown cannot go.

The Titans just need to put this one behind them and get ready for the Texans.  I will have a more in-depth recap tomorrow.