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Tennessee Titans KTE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Line

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been a middle of the road team on offense thus far this season.  They are averaging 182.6 yards passing (26th), 113 yards rushing (19th), and 19 points per game (20th).  Their offensive line has been a problem for them in years past, but they have improved this season.  Jeff Garcia has only been sacked 5 times in 5 games this season.

Their starting tackles are Luke Petitgout (6-6 310) and Jeremy Trueblood (6-8 320).  The starting guards are Arron Sears (6-3 319) and Davin Joseph (6-3 313).  The starting center is John Wade (6-5 299).

This is an improved unit, but it is a unit that the Tennessee Titans defensive line should be able to make some plays againts.