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Tennessee Titans KTE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Secondary

The Buccaneers have a lot of depth and experience at cornerback with Ronde Barber (22 tackles), Brian Kelly (8 tackles) and Phillip Buchanon (22 tackels, 1 INT).  It is easy to see why the Bucs are so tough against the pass.

The Buccaneers safeties are just as tough.  Strong safety Jermaine Phillips has 36 tackles, 1 sack and 2 INTs.  The Buccaneers free safety is Tanard Jackson a rookie out of Syracuse.  He has 23 tackles and 1 INT on the season.

We have established that passing against the Buccaneers isn't going to be easy.  Vince Young will have to be on his game and take care of the ball.  The Buccaneers will probably start out with 8 in the box, however, so the Titans will probably need to hit some passing plays to open up the rushing game.