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Parity Reigns

After yesterday I won't be circling any games on the Titans' schedule as wins.  The NFL has truly turned into an anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday league.  I didn't give the Cardinals or the Browns any chance to win yesterday.  They both won decisively.

The most important lesson from yesterday for the Titans happened in Atlanta.  The Falcons are not going to come in here and hand the Titans a win.  When the Falcons signed Byron Leftwich I was 100% sure he would be starting against the Titans.  That isn't going to happen.  Joey Harrington is coming off back to back weeks of playing pretty good football.  The Titans better be ready to go when they take the field on Sunday.

I am more convinced than ever that the Titans will make the playoffs as long as they take care of their business each Sunday.  It is going to be a fun 13 weeks.