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Playoff Day 2 and GM Search

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I was 3-1 with my predictions for Wild Card Weekend.  Not too shabby.

The Patriots are once again the hot pick for the Super Bowl.  I was listening to Game Night on ESPN Radio last night and they were giving the Chargers virtually no chance against the Pats this weekend.  It really blows my mind the love fest the media has with that team.  They might be right but the Chargers have been the best team in the NFL all year so I think they should get the benefit of the doubt.

I really do think Phil Simms is in love with Tom Brady.  If you listen to Simms do a Patriots broadcast I don't see how you can draw any other conclusion.

The Giants and Eagles game was just as expected.  It came down to the wire and was a heck of a game to watch.  If you watched Tiki Barber walking off the field after the game and in his postgame press conference, there is no doubt he is walking away and not coming back.  He was very matter of fact and didn't really show any emotion.  He will be in a studio somewhere next year and will be a good analyst.

On to the Titans GM search.  Jim Wyatt had a list of names in the Tennessean on Saturday that the Titans will probably consider.

  • Ruston Webster, vice president/player personnel for the Seahawks.
  • Reggie McKenzie, Packers' director of pro personnel.
  • Jerry Reese, director of player personnel for the Giants. He is considered a favorite to replace retiring Giants GM Ernie Accorsi, however.
  • Randy Mueller, general manager of the Dolphins.
  • Mike Reinfeldt, vice president of the Seahawks and a former Oilers player.
  • Phil Savage, general manager of the Browns, although he has three years remaining on his contract with Cleveland. He has local ties, having attended the University of the South at Sewanee.
It would be a little confusing if Jerry Reese came here with Reese replacing Reese.

This makes what will happen in free agency and the draft a little tougher to predict because it will be a new regime calling the shots but it will not stop us from making predictions.  I will use this blog as my case to become the GM after whoever they hire this time.

This week we will look at players who will be in free agency at each of the Titans need positions.