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Playoff First Day Round Up

Well apparently the Colts run defense was sick of hearing people talk about how bad they are.  They sure quieted the critics with that performance today.  Peyton had his usual playoff meltdown throwing 3 picks but his defense bailed him out.  Maybe this year when they lose he won't throw the rest of the team under the bus as is his playoff custom.

The Cowboys and Seahawks game was one for the ages.  I am always glad when the Cowboys lose and it is even better when it happens like it did tonight.  It will be tough for ESPN to gush all over Tony Romo.

Tomorrow's first game features the Jets @ the Patriots at 12:00 on CBS.  I hope the Jets win but I don't think they will and I don't think it will even be close.

Prediction: Jets 10 Patriots 28

The second game is a much better match-up that features the Giants @ the Eagles at 3:30 on FOX.  These 2 teams are very familiar with each other and they don't like each other much.  It will be a good ole' fashioned NFC East battle with a lot of big hits.  I think the Eagles will come out on top in the end and it will be Tom Caughlin's last game as the New York football Giants head coach.

Prediction: Giants 17 Eagles 21