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Floyd Reese Steps Down

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Floyd Reese apparently has stepped down as GM of the Titans.  This moves comes as a little bit of a shock to me but his name has been rumored in Miami.  It is not known at this point whether Reese did this on his own wanting to go to Miami or if he was told that he would not be brought back.

The above link does a great job of summing up the job Reese has done since he has been here and we have discussed that at length on this site. I really thought he would be given a new contract after the finish the Titans had to this season. The last 2 drafts have been solid and he did a great job in free agency last offseason. He was very good at finding guys late in draft or that were undrafted that could come in and contribute.

This move, in my mind, means 1 of 2 things. Either he and Fisher just cannot work together anymore or he has a desire to go to the Dolphins.

I don't think there is anyway the Titans would have let him go after this past season based solely on his performance. It will be interesting to see where he lands because he will get another job in the NFL.

Stay tuned....

Update [2007-1-5 14:56:0 by Jimmy]: Steve Underwood will hold a press conference at 3 p.m. that I am sure will be carried on 104.5.

[UPDATE #2] Here is Reese's statement.

"Today I informed the Titans that I will be offering my resignation, effective immediately," Reese said in a statement released by the team. "Initially, I had hopes of signing a contract extension and staying with the Titans for many more years, but it became apparent to me over the last several months that that would be difficult.

"Rather than drag out a process that would probably end up with us going our separate ways, the right thing to do is to cut ties now and let the Titans move on and me as well.

"I love Nashville and the Titans organization and have tried to do the best possible job that I could for the team and fans. I cherish the relationships I developed with everyone in the organization over the many years with the team.

"I feel good about the way I am leaving the franchise. The Titans are in the best shape that they have been in for 5 or 6 years. There is a franchise quarterback in place, who can lead the team for over a decade, they have a number of draft picks this year and are in the strongest cap position that I can remember."

So obviously he was forced out.

The Bud Adams statement:

"I want to thank Floyd for his 21 years of service to this organization," Adams said in a statement issued by the team. "During his time as a coach and front office executive, our franchise experienced a number of memorable moments. "It is hard parting ways, but I am confident that change will be good for everyone involved. This is an exciting time for our team and I am looking forward to finding that person who will continue to move us in the right direction. We know Floyd will enjoy success in his future endeavors."