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Vince Young Offensive Rookie of the Year the Morning After

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The Tennessean has apparently decided to have a VY week of their own.  I am glad to see them following my lead.  Their are 5 articles about him this morning.

Merrill Hoge's stupidity knows no bounds.  His latest comments are given by Jim Wyatt here:

"Here's what happens: People vote off what they see on TV, seeing a bunch of highlights. They don't see the entire concept,'' said Hoge, one of Young's harshest critics.

"Watching Reggie Bush play three different positions -- impacting games as a wide receiver, a running back and on special teams -- to me, he had a much better rookie year than Vince Young did.''

He then went on to say:
"Basically (Young) won this off two games -- the Buffalo game and the Houston game,'' Hoge said. "I see every snap of every game of every player and Reggie Bush was far superior helping his team.
What is wrong with this guy.  Let me give you Reggie Bush's stats on the year:

Rushing: 155 carries for 565 yards (3.6 avg) with a long of 18

Receiving: 88 catches for 742 yards (8.4 avg)

Punt returns: 28 returns for 216 yards (7.7 avg)

Nothing about those numbers are special.  He did have a lot of catches but only averaged 8.4 yards per catch.  He wasn't in the top 30 in rushing and he was 24th in the NFL in yards per punt return.  Oh, by the way, he is the second best running back on his own team.  It blows my mind, almost literally, that Hoge would have voted for Bush.  At what point do the big dogs at ESPN sit him down and tell him he is making himself look like a moron?  I think ESPN loses credibility every time that guy talks.

If you are going to vote for anyone besides VY it would have to be Jones-Drew who had 941 yards rushing, 436 yards receiving and 860 return yards. That's 2,237 total yards for Jones-Drew to 1,523 for Bush. For those of you scoring at home, that is 714 more yards for Jones-Drew.

We thought it was just a good day for Young because he won the ROY but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  He reached a $4.1 million incentive for taking at least 35% of the team's snaps and a $1.5 million incentive for being named ROY.  All and all it wasn't a bad day for Mr. Young.

Click here to see some quotes from people around the NFL about VY.  My favorite is from Boomer Esiason:

"He doesn't have to change (his style). There's only 11 guys on the field and until they put 12 or 13 on the field, then I think he might have to change what he is doing. And he is only going to get better because the biggest jump a quarterback makes is when they come the second year.''