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Will This Ever Not Hurt?

It seems like every year there is some kind of list that brings up the final play of Super Bowl 34.  This year is no exception. has come out with their top 10 all-time Super Bowl plays.  The Kevin Dyson one yard short play comes in at #2.  Here is the caption:

The Titans roared out of a 16-0 hole to tie the game in the fourth quarter. After the Rams took a 23-16 lead with 1:54 left, Titans QB Steve McNair completed nine passes in a row. Six seconds left. McNair to Kevin Dyson at the Rams' three. The end zone awaits, but linebacker Mike Jones brings Dyson down on the 1 as time expires, preserving the Rams' first Super Bowl title.

I am sitting here listening to 104.5 the Zone as Frank Wycheck and Kevin Dyson are breaking down that final play.  The weird thing is it still hurts today almost as much as it did the night it happened.

I don't think I will forget that final drive as long as I live. I was a senior in high school and I was at a Super Bowl party with about 35 of my classmates. During that last drive everyone is running around the house after each play. As soon as it is time for the next play everyone starts yelling to get back in the exact same seat you were in when the drive started. (I am getting goosebumps as I type this) When the last play happens you hear a roar because, if you remember, when Dyson catches the pass their is not a Rams' defender in the picture. At first glance it looks like a clear TD. Then as Mike Jones brings Dyson to the ground the entire house goes eerily silent and stays that way for a long time. Not much is said as people leave the house besides people thanking the host. I personally sat and stared at the TV for about 20 minutes, thanked the host, and I am not sure I said another word to anyone until the next morning.

At least now we know the Titans have turned the corner and hopefully we will have a happy Super Bowl memory to replace this one that still cuts deep.

Let me know your memories of that night.