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Who Should We Root for Now?

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There is a thing over at where you can answer 5 questions and see who you should root for in the playoffs.  My biggest fear was they would tell me to root for the Colts or the Patriots.  Luckily I am supposed to pull for the Philadlephia Egales.  I am cool with that.

Speaking of the Patriots, they are not big fans of the Titans.  The author over at Pats Pulpit has taken to calling the Titans a dirty team all because of the legal block Bobby Wade made on Rodney Harrison.  It's football buddy.  Things like that are going to happen.  If you can't take it go play golf.

In a funny note totally unrelated to the Titans, USC reportedly denied a field pass to Reggie Bush for this year's Rose Bowl.

According to the newspaper, the Rose Bowl strictly limits who may stand on the sideline. Each school is allowed five guest passes for ex-players.

Fox reported that Bush called Friday requesting a pass.

"If that's true, the passes were already allocated," USC spokesman Tim Tessalone told the Times. "They were given out a week or two ago."

Let me tell you this, if USC wanted to give Bush a field pass they could have.  They are obviously trying to distance themselves from Bush to stay off probation.  Anything else they say is just a lie.

The offensive rookie of the year award will be announced later today.  Jim Wyatt has a nice article in this morning's Tennessean handicapping VY's chances.  There is no doubt in my mind that VY should win the award.  If the voters are smart they will look at more than just the numbers.  VY made this team at least 6 wins better.  If anyone honestly thinks this team would have won more than 2 games with Kerry Collins running the show then they are fooling themselves.  What makes me laugh is that people talk about the Titans defense winning those games and not VY.  The defense did win the Jacksonville game but that is it.  They played better as a unit as the year went on, the Patriots game not withstanding, but they were not winning games.

Well ole Adam Jones is already in the news.  Someone accused Adam Jones of riding his 4 wheeler on land owned by country legend George Jones.  Of course, it wasn't actually Adam who was on the 4 wheeler:

According to (Adam Jones's attorney) Robinson, it wasn't even Pacman Jones on the ATV over the weekend.
Of course it wasn't.

This story is actually really funny when you read the last quote:

"George Jones said that they are glad Pacman has moved to Williamson County and glad to have him as a neighbor and that he and his wife Nancy are two of his biggest fans," Robinson said. "They even signed some autographs for each other. There's no problem between them. They're happy to be neighbors.
Just sitting here thinking of the conversation between George Jones and Adam Jones is cracking me up.

We will have the final look at the various power rankings later on today.