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Mock Draft Mania

It is time to take another look at the Mock Drafts around the internet.  This will be something we do weekly from here until the draft.  These are a little different than the last time we looked.

Mock Draft City - Reggie Nelson FS Florida

Huddle Geeks - Quentin Moses DE Georgia

Fantasy Football Jungle - Ted Ginn, Jr WR Ohio State

Bengals Zone - Patrick Willis MLB Ole Miss

DJ NFL Mock Draft - Charles Johnson DE Georgia

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets - Charles Johnson DE Georgia

Draft Connection - Ted Ginn, Jr WR Ohio State

Con Draft - Ted Ginn, Jr WR Ohio State

Walters Football - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

Inside the Eagles - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

There is a lot more DE flavor spread in this time.  The Titans will take either a WR or a DE in the 1st round.  I think the decision will come down to #1 who is available and #2 what happens in free agency.  I think the Titans would draft Jarrett at #19 not matter what, but if Jarrett is already off the board and they don't land a DE in free agency, I think they will go DE 1st.