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All Time Super Bowl Team Rankings

I love it when people compile lists such as the one over at ESPN Page 2 ranking the 80 teams that have played in the 40 Super Bowls so far.  The NFL is so different today than it was in the 1970's that it is pretty much impossible to compare these teams to each other.  That doesn't make talking about it any less fun though.

Being a Titans fan, I am obviously biased when I say the 1999 Titans are ranked to low at #72.  Here is what the compilers of the list had to say about that team:

This team was defined more by grit, guts and a bit of a miracle than glamour and pizzazz. Despite its 13-3 record, there were some smoke and mirrors involved since the Titans barely outgained their opponents and didn't dominate any statistical category. They won the close games (one point over Cincy, one over Jacksonville, three other wins by three points) and owned Jacksonville, which lost three games all year - all to the Titans, including the AFC Championship Game. And that miracle? The Titans used it up in the wild-card playoff victory over Buffalo and fell a yard short of tying the Super Bowl on the game's final play.

I can't really argue with what was said there.  That team was a blue collar team that just grinded it out every Sunday, BUT when you consider they ranked the 1999 Rams team can the Titans come in at #72 when they only lost to the #14 team by a TD?  

I guess they just looked at the stats because they probably didn't see that team play week in and week out like we did here.  That team did win a lot of ugly games but they had a heck of a defense that featured defensive ROY Jevon Kearse, CB Samari Rolle who was one of the best in the game at that point, and safeties Blaine Bishop and Marcus Robertson.  That was the foundation for the defense that was ranked #1 in the NFL in 2000.  

The team also had Steve McNair, Eddie George, and Frank Wycheck in their primes as well as Derrick Mason who set the record for all purpose yards that season.  The offensive numbers put up don't jump off the page but you knew if the game was on the line late McNair would make a play to win it.  You knew that if the Titans had a lead Eddie George was going to get those tough yards to keep the chains and the clock moving.  You knew that if the game came down to a late kick to win Al Del Greco was going to hit it.

That is the recipe for a successful playoff team and that is why the team should be ranked higher than #72.