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Roster Review: Ben Troupe

I remember the day the Titans drafted Ben Troupe.  I was so excited that he fell to them in the 2nd round because I remembered watching him play at Florida and he was a human highlight film.  He was always making big plays and hurdling people.

Then he came to Titans training camp and he just couldn't get on the field.  He had trouble picking up the offense, especially when it came to his blocking assignments.  Once he finally got on the field in his rookie year, he showed flashes of being that big play guy.  Many of the experts were calling him the next Antonio Gates before his sophomore season.  Unfortunately that has not been the case.

Troupe has shown the ability to make the big play and has even hurdled over some guys, but the majority of his 3 years have been plagued by the dropsies.  He never really got the chance to come on this year as his season was cut short by a foot injury.  

Troupe will have a lot to prove in camp before the 2007 season as Bo Scaife will push him hard to be the #1 TE.  Troupe still has all the tools to become that big play guy we thought he would when the Titans took him in the 2nd round.  Hopefully he will put that talent to use for the Titans in '07.