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Vince Young to the Pro Bowl?

As mentioned in this diary, there is a possibility that Vince Young is going to the Pro Bowl for the AFC.  We know that Philip Rivers is not going to the game because of a foot injury.  We also know that VY is an alternate for the Pro Bowl.  What we don't yet know is how many alternates there are and where VY is on that list.  Hopefully that information will soon become available.  If I can find it I will update this story.

The GM search is still going.  Bud Adams was on 104.5 yesterday and he said he wants a GM in place by next week.  The City Paper has a good breakdown of the candidates so far.

Update [2007-1-25 9:26:40 by Jimmy]: Vince Young is the 3rd alternate for the Pro Bowl so he isn't in yet.