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Championship Sunday Open Thread

Today is one of the most exciting Sundays of the year.  Both of the games today should be fun to watch.

In the first game you have the Saints, who have been annointed "America's Team" by some, against the team that was the best in the NFC all year in the Bears.  I think this game will have a lot of scoring contrary to popular belief and I think the Bears will pull it out in the end.

Prediction: Saints 24 Bears 28

The second game is the one I am the most interested in.  To be honest, I hate both teams with all of my being.  I will be rooting for the dirty Patriots though because in my mind they are the lesser of the two evils.  I really don't think they are going to win though.  It just seems like everything is falling in place for it to be the year of the Colts.

Prediction (and this hurts): Patriots 17 Colts 20

Enjoy both games and we will continue with the roster review process tomorrow.