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Roster Review: Brandon Jones

Before we get to the review on Brandon Jones there are a couple of awards to announce.  Pro Football Weekly named Vince Young their Offensive Rookie of the Year and Adam Jones was named the All AFC punt returner.

On with Brandon Jones.  Jones had a nice year in 2006 considering he was coming off an ACL injury in 2005.  He was able to play in the last preseason game and that was way ahead of the what was predicted.  It typically takes a guy 2 years to completely come back from ACL surgery so we have yet to see the best of Jones.

This year he had 27 catches for 384 yards (14.2 ypc) and 4 TDs.  He has the ability to be the #1 receiver the Titans have longed for since Mason left.  He might get a shot to be next year with the possible departure of Drew Bennett in free agency and with David Givens coming off a knee injury of his own.  

Jones has shown the ability to be the big play threat the Titans have never really had.  He did have the dropsies at times this year but that will get better with time.  I look for 2007 to be a break out year for Brandon Jones.