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Game Recap and Notes

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The Arizona Cardinals have asked for and been granted permission to talk to Norm Chow about their head coaching job.  The connection here is obvious as Chow was Matt Leinart's coach at USC.  It is hard to say how serious of a candidate he is at this point but it is at least noteworthy.

Jeff Fisher gave Floyd Reese a vote of confidence at his season wrap-up press conference yesterday:

"The relationship is good, and to be quite honest with you I couldn't imagine working here without him," Fisher said. "I haven't given it any thought. That's hard for me to envision. I'm hopeful that everything works out so that we can continue."
This does not come as a surprise to me.  Fisher, really with the exception of Billy Volek, never bad mouths anyone publicly.  What does that endorsement mean?  Probably nothing.  The ball is now in the court of Steve Underwood and Bud Adams as to what happens with Reese.  Don't be surprised to see Reese back but with some of his power being given to Fisher.

The Titans will have the #19 pick in the April 28th draft.

As for the game on Sunday, obviously it was tough to handle.  It was bad enough walking out of the stadium after a loss but thinking it wouldn't have mattered anyway because Denver would take care of business.  It was made even worse when you heard the 49ers had pulled off the upset.

The Titans really never seemed to be that close to winning the game.  Every time something positive happened for the Titans they turned around and gave up something to the Patriots.

The perfect example was the run by Travis Henry that gave the Titans first and goal at the 2.  On the very next play VY was sacked for a 5 yard loss on a roll out.  VY has to learn to throw that ball away and play the next down.  That was one of those "rookie mistakes" you always here about.  He will learn.  The Titans couldn't do anything to get any closer and eventually Rob Bironas missed a field goal.  That was pretty much the story of the day.

The Titans had cut the Patriots lead to 3 when Fisher allowed the scores from the relevant games to be announced.  It gave the crowd a lift and appeared to give the defense a lift as well.  On the next play Reche Caldwell abused Reynaldo Hill for a 62 yard TD.  The Titans never really got back in the game after that.

Adam Jones had another great day with an 81 yard punt return for a TD and 2 or 3 big kickoff returns.  If he can just stay out of trouble he is going to be a special player.  I even think he can be Deion Sanders special on returns.  He really is that good.

We are going to spend a lot of time looking at the state of this team over the next few weeks.  This is going to be an exciting offseason as the Titans have a lot of cap money, 11 draft picks and an exciting season to build upon.