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Roster Review: Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall was a spark plug for the 2006 Titans.  He brought instant energy to the offense every time he was on the field.  Hall gave the team a presence at FB that it had missed since the departure of Lorenzo Neal after the 2000 season.

Hall came to the Titans as an undrafted free agent that seemed like a long shot to make the team because the Titans organization doesn't place much emphasis on the FB position and they already had a FB on the roster in Troy Fleming. Fleming had been a solid contributor to the team but a knee injury early in camp that sidelined him for the majority of camp and Hall took advantage of the opportunity.  The coaching staff decided to go with Hall because of his ability to get in there and open holes for the running backs and his ability to do something when he caught the ball out of the backfield.

Hall is not your typical NFL rookie as he is 27 years old.  Hall served in the Marines before attending college at Texas.  He was a part of missions in Kosovo and Afganistan.  It is hard not to root for a guy who has this kind of football ability and instead of focusing on getting to the NFL decides to put his life on the line in service to his country.