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Roster Review: LenDale White

So far in our roster reviews we have looked at success stories.  Unfortunately to this point, LenDale is not a success story.  Some people are going so far to call him a bust but I think it is way to early for that.

After putting up a 1,302 yard 26 TD season for SC in 2005 LenDale was projected to be a top 15 pick.  His draft status took a huge hit after he showed up at the combine overweight and with a questionable hamstring injury.  He fell all the way to the 13th pick of the 2nd round (45th overall) where the Titans selected him on what had to be a recommendation from Norm Chow who was White's OC at SC.  Most Titans fans were pumped by the pick because it could end up being the steal of the draft.

LenDale's problems in 2006 began early when he got in a training camp fight with Donnie Nickey after he allegedly spit in Nickey's face.  That got him suspended from a preseason game.  He then had a few nagging injuries during camp that hindered his development.

White's nagging injuried followed him into the regular season.  It seemed like every week he was battling a hip flexor, the flu or a hamstring injury.  When he actually got on the field he played resonably well with 61 carries for 244 yards (4.0 ypc).

The jury is still out.  He showed in college that he could be the tough runner between the tackles that the Titans need to make there offense go.  If he can come back next year in better shape he can be the perfect compliment to Travis Henry.  Most teams in the NFL are using the 2 back system these days and if White can live up to his potential the Titans will have a 1-2 punch that will be as good as any in the NFL.