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Roster Review: Craig Hentrich

Craig Hentrich continued to be a solid edition to the Titans team in 2006.  He averaged 42.7 yards per punt and it seems like he never shanks one.  You can always count on him to hit a big punt when the Titans are backed up and in need of some field position help.

His most amazing stat is the net average which was 37.5 yards per punt.  That means returns on average against his punts were just over 3 yards.  That says a lot about him and a lot about the punt coverage unit as a whole.

Hentrich also does the holding and is great there as well.  There were about 3 snaps in the Buffalo game that were really bad but went un-noticed because Hentrich got them down.  Holding is something that is really not given much attention until something like the Tony Romo debaucle happens.

The Titans special teams as a whole was much improved this year thanks in large part to Bironas and Hentrich.

Tomorrow we start on the offense with VY.