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Mock Draft Time

This team has 4 positions that need a big upgrade from last season, DE, CB, WR and S.  I think the DE and CB needs are tied together a little bit.  If the Titans can get a DE to go opposite KVB and apply any pressure at all then CB isn't as much of a need.  If the D line isn't going to be upgraded then CB is a huge need because they have to cover FOR-EV-ER.

Safety might be a spot that can be filled in house with either Vincent Fuller or Calvin Lowry.  I don't see the Titans spending big money in free agency or spending a high to middle draft pick on a safety when they already have 2 young guys on the roster.

WR might be the most intriguing of all the positions.  Are Bennett and Wade back?  Is Bennett back but not Wade or vice versa?  Are neither Bennett nor Wade back?  I am pretty sure the Titans will not sign a free agent WR.  The track record there is not great.  (See Thigpen, Pickens, and Givens)  I am betting this is where the Titans go with their first pick in the draft.

Looking at mock drafts is always a fun thing to do.  I have found a few on the internet and prediction for the Titans bounces all over the board.  Here are a few:

Mock Draft City - LaRon Landry FS LSU.  
As I mentioned above, I don't think the Titans will take a S here but this kid is a heck of a player.

Huddle Geeks - LaRon Landry FS LSU

Inside the Eagles - Michael Johnson S Arizona.  
Again, good player but I don't think it will happen.

Fantasy Football Jungle - Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State.
Now this is more like what I think will happen even though I don't think Ginn would be a good fit for the Titans.  Ginn would be a great fit in Indy because he is a Reggie Wayne type.  I don't think that is the type or WR VY needs.

NFL Daily - Justin Blalock G Texas.
Not going to happen.

Consensus Draft Services - Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State.

Walters Football - Glenn Dorsey DT LSU.
The Titans do need some help at DT but this seems to be a bit of a reach at #19.

The Football Expert - Tedd Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State.

Draft Notebook - Robert Meachem WR Tennessee.
He is a good player but #19 is probably a little high for him.

The list goes on and on but you get the picture.   The SB Nation football bloggers will be getting together to do a mock draft in the very near future so stay tuned for that.