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Next Year's Opponents

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The Titans now know who their opponents will be next year and where the games will be played.  The dates will be announced later on.  

Here are the home opponents for next year:

  1.  Houston
  2.  Indy
  3.  Jacksonville
  4.  Oakland
  5.  San Diego
  6.  Atlanta
  7.  Carolina
  8.  New York Jets
The road opponents are:
  1.  Houston
  2.  Indy
  3.  Jacksonville
  4.  Denver
  5.  Kansas City
  6.  New Orleans
  7.  Tampa Bay
  8.  Pittsburgh
As you can tell the Titans face off against the AFC West and the NFC South.  They will also face the 2nd place team from every other division as the Titans finished ahead of Jacksonville by virtue of divisional record.

Click here to see everyone's opponents for next season.

We will have a game wrap up and quotes tomorrow.