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They Say All Good Things Must Come to an End

That was the case yesterday for the 2006 Titans season.  It was sad walking out of the stadium yesterday knowing there would be no more Titans football for a long time.

I had a couple of funny conversations walking out of the stadium with my friend.  We knew the Jags had lost, didn't know about the Bengals and of course the Broncos hadn't played yet.  I told my friend, "You know the 49ers are going to win know."  He turned to me and said, "You just did it."  I called him after ex-Titan Joe Nedney kicked the game winner for the 49ers and he picked up the phone, said, "It's all you fault," and hung up. That's about right.

We also talked about how the NFL season should be longer but then we realized that everyone would just get hurt so there is really no way that could ever happen.

Young2Bennett described the feeling as empty in the comments of yesterday's game thread and I think that is an accuarte description of the feeling.  It would have been one thing if all the other games hadn't gone just right for the Titans but they did.  Oh well.  

We, as Titans fans, have a lot of things to be excited about for next season.  We have just scratched the surface on VY.  His ceiling is unlimited.

Enjoy the football today.