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Injury Update and Keys to the Game


Guards Benji Olsen and Eugene Amano both did limited work on the practice field Friday and are game time decisions.  Zach Piller did not practice and is not expected to play.  The starting line will probably have Roos and Stewart and at the tackles, Olsen and Bell at the guards and Mawae at center.  Not the best line but it is also not the worst case scenario.  Antwan Odom has practiced all week and is expected to see his first action of the season on Sunday.

This game will no doubt be a tough one for the Titans to win.  Here are some things the Titans will have to do to get their 1st win of the season.

On offense  

1.  Run the ball efficiently.  

They don't necessarily need a guy to run for 100 yards but enough of a run presence that the Cowboys can't blitz on every down.  

2.  Give Collins time.

He isn't very good with time but if he doesn't get time we could see a repeat of the San Diego debacle.

3.  Take care of the ball (duh).

This is a key to every game but it is especially important when you are overmatched as the Titans will be on Sunday.

On Defense:

1.  Pressure Drew Bledsoe.  

He is as much of a statue as Collins so you have to make him feel some heat.  If he gets time to throw he will pick apart the Titans secondary.  

2.  Tackle.  

The Cowboys receivers are going to catch passes.  You can't shut out guys like Terry Glenn and T.O. (if he plays) but you have to get them down and limit the YAC.

3.  Stop the run with the front 7.

The Titans cannot afford to bring one of the safeties in the box to stop the run.  The front 7 will have to be solid agaisnt the run so the defensive backs can play the pass.