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Vince Young and Jeff Fisher

The coaching staff has said over and over again that Vince Young will play "when he is ready."  They don't want him to lose confidence if he plays badly.  Let's take a look at VY's numbers from his sophomore year at Texas.  He was 148-250 (59.2%) for 1,849 yards passing with 12 TD's and 11 INT's.  Those are pretty bad numbers.  Did that hurt his confidence so badly that he was no successful in his junior year?  We all know the answer to that question but let's take a look at the numbers to prove to ourselves how smart we are.  He was 212-325 (65.2%) for 3,036 passing with 26 TD's and 10 INT's.  He threw 1 less pick in almost 100 more attempts.  His confidence was not hurt and he made himself a better play.  He is a leader and a competitor.  Start Vince Now!!

A website calling for Jeff Fisher to be fired has been created.  I have emailed the guys who run the website to see if I can ask them some questions for this blog.  I will keep you updated.  It is my belief that Fisher is not the problem.  He has been given very little to work with in the past 2 seasons.