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Titans @ Dolphins Open Thread

This is a huge game for both teams.  The Dolphins were picked by many to at least be a playoff team.  A win in this game could get them on track.  The Titans are a team in disarray.  A win in this game could make peace in the organization for at least a week.

The Titans went to camp in Clarksville this year to rededicate themselves to being a smash mouth football team.  So far they have been more of a smashed mouth team.  Look for the Titans to try to establish the run early with Travis Henry.  Fisher said earlier in the week Henry has had some good games against the Dolphins in his career and that gives him confidence.  (not sure how true that is since it was about 4 years ago but hey whatever makes you feel good)

It will be interesting to see if the hook is any quicker this week with Collins.  Look for VY to play early and often especially if Collins can't improve on his 1.3 passer rating from last Sunday.

The Titans need to pressure Culpepper.  He is not as mobile as he once was.  Culpepper has been sacked 10 times in his first 2 games with 6 of those sacks coming last week.  If the Titans can put pressure on Culpepper he has shown in his career he will make mistakes.  If the Titans don't get pressure on him he will pick apart what is a very weak Titans secondary.

As Jeff Fisher says, "We gotta make plays."  The Titans have yet to do that so far this year.  Here's to hoping Sunday is the start of a new trend.